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Hotel is an interesting box, where people from all around the world with different backgrounds gather. You will find no other culturally diverse place where such people are gathered up in this small space. However, the word “privacy” has been splitting this opportunity to make connections. At HOTEL SHE, OSAKA, we are willing to create a space where each diverse individual can communicate with each other. A space, where you can share your experience and expand your values, when record plays in the background, while surrounding candles and pizzas, finishing your cup of coffee. This space will come to life in Bentencho, Osaka.


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​Bentencho, Osaka. HOTEL SHE, OSAKA has open on September 2017 in a town where the air of 60's remains strongly under the busy highway.

While innovative technology continues to grow rapidly, analogue experience/expression has started to return its value within the trend culture. Film cameras, revival of record players and the popularity of ZINE are perfect examples. While searching the answer to where true satisfaction can be found, we have infused digital technology and analogue culture, to promote a new life style.

Bentencho used to be a town where gulf workers lived. Because of this, Showa style shops and public baths are still left behind in the streets. Vintage buildings and brick-made warehouse remains uniquely sorrow by the harbor. Hinted by the distinct air of this town, we have created a new type of hotel where the travelers can feel its uniqueness.。


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From JR Bentencho Sta.
〈by foot〉

①Exit from the “South Gate” of JR Bentencho Sta.

②Take the stairs, in front of the ticket gate, down to the base floor.

③Exit front the right side.

④You will see Seven-eleven on your right side.

⑤Turn away from Seven-eleven and cross the crosswalk.

⑥Keep walking straight until you hit the big intersection. (approx. 5min)

⑦You will see a Sushihan (a Japanese family restaurant with a tall red sign) at the intersection. Cross the crosswalk to get to the Sushihan side.

⑧Cross the intersection in front of Sushihan again to the other side.

⑨Head towards left along the highway.

⑩HOTEL SHE, OSAKA will be on your right side.

 From Subway Bentencho Sta.
〈by foot〉

①Exit from the “East Gate” of Osaka Metro Bentencho Sta., and take “Exit No.4”.

②You will get to the JR Bentencho Sta.
※From here, it will be the same from “From JR Bentencho Sta. ②” above.


We do not have any parking spaces available.

Please use a toll parking lot near our hotel.



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